Hello Larry Hughey here from Hughey Hartman Upholstery.

The latest news is that I am gearing up to go back to my original design.

I have spent lots of time trying to research the best fabric to use and I have centered on a fabric made in Italy.  It is very strong plus it shields water fantastic.

I will receive my fantastic patches tomorrow which will be sewn onto the fabric.

The trim will be orange because that is our colors.

The Mud Muckers will go back to the turn buckle which is a fantastic way to take on and off.

I will basically have two different models.

One will fit the newer bikes and the other will fit the older bikes.

I also am going to offer a few different mud muckers that will be made with camouflage fabric and also herculite.

Motorcycles is a big passion of mine and I am very busy with my upholstery shop.

Since I have been doing this from the mid 70's I am all the time trying to figure out how to speed up production.

thank you for your patience.