Keep that mucking mud off !

March 21, 2021 Update

We have not started back with making our mud muckers due to a few reasons.  From velcro to turn buckles now I am thinking of going back to velcro.  The main issue has been to make a universal hand guard that would fit all motorcycles.  I believe I am on the right path...

the latest

For now we are going to take a break and go back to the drawing board. I have found that by going back to the turn buckle that their are still variables that will not allow to fit all the different bikes. With the Covid-19 it has stopped our development.

November 14th
November 14th

This coming thursday we will be doing a photo shoot for the Mud Muckers. Westfield Powersports is allowing us to come in and take photo's. I am very excited about showing the different versions of "Mud Muckers!"

The orginal Mud Muckers

After much sole searching I have decided to go back to the simple design with the turn buckles. Their will be two different models. One will be for the newer bikes with the disc brake reservoir. the other will be for vintage bikes. The only difference between these...