Hughey Hartman Upholstery owner Larry Hughey fell in love with motorcycling in the early 70s. In 1975 he opened his first motorcycle accessory shop called World Class Products. Larry raced motocross in the early 70’s and is a lifetime AMA member.  Larry loved these early days of motocross and became friends with many riders and promoters.  The year was was 1976 when Larry decided to market and produce “Mud Muckers.” Butch Ray a marketing genius came up with an ad that was run in the November issue of Motocross Action.  With this one time ad Larry started selling his Motorcycle hand guards all over the country.
Larry would spend time in the pits at pro races and giving samples out to the likes of Jim Pomeroy, Billy Grossi, and the man himself, Roger Decoster.
Now 42 years later Larry has decided to get back into this market.  With a background in sewing from a family upholstery shop the new “Mud Muckers” will be produced the same way Larry did it 42 years ago.  The good old fashioned way.  By Hand!  Everyone of these little gems will be made by Larry’s Upholstery shop.  Hughey Hartman Upholstery located in Carmel, IN.

Back in the early days of motocross the orginal “Mud Muckers” were sewn and cut out and a turn buckle was used for the closure.  The Original “Mud Muckers” were huge with a cut out for the throttle cable.  They were known as elephant ears because of their size. Larry has decided to revisit the old school days with the launching of a new Mud Mucker design with a slightly different take on the early models.

The new Mud Muckers will be smaller and not as bulky as the early model.  The new Mud Muckers will utilize a velcro enclosure as the fastener and the cool carbon fiber vinyl material adds that factory look.  This market is saturated with every kind of plastic model you can think of.  The only problem I can see of these particular hand guards is once the plastic guards are on it is not that easy to take off.  Also the expense of some of these models is from the very cheap to the very expensive.