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    Handguards don’t often show up on the Motocross track because well-groomed and often loamy dirt negate their use.

    Off-road riders generally equip their dirt bikes with handguards because of the varying obstacles that somehow always find fingers and hands.
    However, on tracks saturated with rocks especially those pellets that feel more like shotgun spray when peppering your hands, equipping your dirt bike
    with guards offers a significant advantage over those who ride bare. Even the thickest gloves prove no match to a rapidly incoming rock.

    Motocross handguards save your hands for the next Moto, protect your levers from damage and on rare occasions help prevent larger stones
    from lodging in between your pressed brake or clutch lever and the grip. It’s not the coolest thing to race Motocross with handguards
    especially when not needed but if the track’s reputation precedes itself or you notice during practice an unusual amount of painful roost then buck up and grab a pair.

    Any protection helps but if you’re looking for the sleekest and stylish while maintaining versatility, durability
    and ease of installation then check out the best Motocross handguards below.

    trick motorcycle hand guards


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